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For almost four decades, Starkey Headsets has engineered and manufactured technologically advanced headsets and accessories used by first responders, emergency center dispatchers, and call centers globally. Starkey Headsets originated from a hearing ad company; therefore, we understand the importance of ear health. Durable Starkey Headsets are specifically engineered for critical communications professionals, providing a reliability rate over 99.96%.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service provided by our training professionals. With our corporate headquarters and warehouse located conveniently in the Midwest, products are often shipped same day. Customers do not wait weeks for their orders. Starkey Headsets not only make the work environment better for our headset heroes, but we also make the world a safer place for everyone.

Emergency Services Headsets and Accessories

Headsets for police, fire and E911 dispatchers.

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What Our Clients are Saying

They provided phenomenal support in both acquisition and identifying specific technological solutions for our teams. Specifically, seeking to fill a peculiar requirement for missions. Mr. Gitler identified what and how the Push-to-Talk headsets would not only meet the requirement but succeed by providing additional comfort and ease of use and transferability. His level of expertise exceeded my expectations and was the reason a projected 2–3-week task was completed in 2-3 hours.

Ahmand Brown

Air Force Special Operations Command

In 15+ years, I’ve never had a warranty claim on any headset I’ve sold. Not one! I encourage everyone to experience the Starkey Advantage


You guys make this process really easy, and the equipment is top of the line. It’s a no-brainer to go with you guys.

Charles Hoffman


After a few weeks of wearing my custom top and earpiece I have grown to enjoy it more and more each day. Overall, it is extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, the audio quality is unmatched when it comes to phones or radio traffic. We utilize the Plantronics wireless transceivers, zetron phone system from mercury systems and the Motorola mcc5500 radio system. With previous headsets I have had callers say it is hard to hear or understand what I am saying and that it sounds like I am far away. This is not the case with my new custom top and custom molded earpiece. I no longer have to yell into the phone and all my units on the street can hear me clearly. It did take a little bit of getting used to wearing, but with the recommendation of going a few hours at a time until I got completely adjusted to wearing the new earpiece really helped. Now I find myself going 16 hours wearing my headset with only taking it off to go to the bathroom or take my lunch break and find I no longer have the fatigue I used to get from a headset constantly pressing against my ear. I have also noticed I no longer get the headaches I used to get after wearing a headset for 16 hours at a time with prescription glasses on. I highly recommend this Custom top and earpiece to anyone getting started in the field or any veteran that has used the on the ear headset for decades.

George Stranski, NORCOMM 9-1-1, Franklin Park, IL 
Donald J. Nielsen, RPL, ENP | Executive Director 
NORCOMM Public Safety Communications, Inc.