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Starkey S130 Combo Custom Headset and Flex Custom Earmold Combination

Starkey S130 Combo Custom Headset and Flex Custom Earmold Combination

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The Starkey S130 Custom Headset Combination includes the Flex Custom Earmold. The Starkey S130 custom headsets are super lightweight, provide a perfect fit, and offer superior comfort with a Starkey Quick Disconnect (QD).  

Custom Earmold
Experience total comfort when you connect this custom earmold to our ultra-lightweight S130 headset. The earmold is precisely fitted to your ear, ensuring the perfect fit.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Perfect fit for all day comfort.
  • Relieves ear fatigue.
  • Superb sound quality.
  • Safeguards your hearing.

Custom Earmold Process:

There are three ways to conduct a fitted ear impression:

  • We will provide the contact information for an audiologist in your area. Then you can schedule an appointment for your fitting. You do not pay at the time of your fitting.
  • We will send you the materials to make an impression of your ear for your earmold. It can be conveniently done at your home by walking you through the process via a video consultation. You will also receive a stamped return envelope to ship it to us.
  • If you are located near one of our offices, we can visit you onsite to conduct your fitting.

After your ear impression has been taken it takes about two weeks to process and ship the earmold to you.

Call us at  800-827-9715 or send us an inquiry for further product and pricing information.

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