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Starkey S134-CON-GN Convertible Headset with Passive Noise Canceling Mic

Starkey S134-CON-GN Convertible Headset with Passive Noise Canceling Mic

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The Starkey S134-CON-GN convertible over the head and on ear headset gives you two headsets in one. This versatile call center grade headset has GN Netcom compatible QD.  When your apparel or hair style makes it impractical to wear an over the head headset, just pop out the over the head ear pad and quickly insert the ear piece to convert it into an over the ear headset.  This ultra-light weight, noise canceling headset is reliable, comfortable, and features outstanding, superior sound quality via our “SuperClear” speaker.  The ear piece is fully adjustable for a very comfortable fit. 

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 Product Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight to reduce ear fatigue. 
  • Connects to all major desk phones with compatible cables. 
  • Connects to all major soft phones with available USB connecting cables. 
  • Fully articulating microphone boom. 
  • Passive noise canceling microphone. 
  • Monaural (single ear) over the head or over the ear wearing style. 
  • Leatherette and foam cushion type. 
  • Jabra QD (Quick Disconnect) connectivity. 
  • Compatible with all phones (additional cord required). 
  • Compatible with desk phone or soft phone. 
  • Two year manufacturer’s warranty.

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